The Arizona Pick 5 is another variety of the popular Pick 5 (5/39) that can be played in the state of Arizona as well as in most of the other states that have a lottery. The difference between this game and the usual one is that you have to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 39, and you can only play once. Even the same number can be repeated twice or thrice within the same game, meaning that you can earn different prizes in each and every draw. The winning number combinations are drawn live on television as well as on other media such as radio and the internet. The Arizona Pick 5 starts off by drawing two numbers from 1 to 29 and another number from 30 to 39. As the winning numbers are drawn, you will see them displayed on the big screen as well as on the website or station’s website.

Because this is a unique game, the payouts are great and there are more chances of winning as compared with the usual lottery game. The odds are less as compared with the Florida Lotto or even the Powerball. The less the odds, the greater the price you’ll get as a prize because the less people are playing, the less people are participating.

The Arizona Pick 5 is run by the third party seller known as Wild Card Kingdom. All of the winning prizes and entries are made available to the player through the retailer and the winner only has to claim the prize within 180 days from the date of the official draw and the personal information, if need be, can be published by the media without any fee. The general income from the game is used to beneficiary the charities throughout the state.

It’s a great game that is especially popular in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Pick 5 ticket can be played for $1, plus another $1 for the Wild Card Kingdom game. The minimum and maximum prize amounts are the same for all adult households in Arizona. The draws are every Wednesday and Saturday nights.

The winning numbers can be checked as they are published in the local newspaper and on the website. As there are two draws per night, one evening draw, and one midday draw, if you want to win the prize, you can play all the draws in the middle of the day. That’s from 7 pm until around 11 am. The numbers may not be exactly the same. But the format is the same so you can at least get the prize if your chosen sequence matches the drawn numbers.

The Arizona Pick 5 is a unique game because the odds can be calculated to a particular user-defined region. By evening and day, there are only a handful of these “Keluaran Sgp” within the wider area that the jackpot is drawn from. The idea is that the more people that play, the higher are the prizes. The number of players may even be less than the jackpot number. You may be interested in playing this “Horse Racing for People” game again. But, give a thought to the taxes involved!