You will notice many changes in an NFL team when a new coach takes the helm. Coaches can bring a team back to life and get them motivated to play better or can add a much needed spark to a struggling team. It is important to identify the importance of such coaching changes and make sure you get the most out of them. Five of the more important changes you’ll see are: coaching, acquiring key personnel, philosophy and on-field management.

So what happens to a team when a new coach is hired? Usually this means a team is starting to finally turn the corner from being bad to being good. In other cases, the team is starting to tank the season and become a horrible team. These are the teams you want to play at Greg Schiano is on Dallas or Scot Linehan is on…Any Other City. Dallas is still the top dogs in the NFC but the monster addition of Schiano means the world to the ‘Boys. Still, for a change, it looks like the Texans may be the team to beat in the AFC this year.

What does coaching change mean? Simply put, it means a new look at the season. The old adage, no disrespect, you have to give the credit to the coach that gets the players to do what they are supposed to do. New coaches have a tendency to foam roll the press and get out to the Professional Handicappers League before the league decides on new HC’s.

You’ll often find coaches who are fired up to coach the post-season, meaning there is a new coach who will be calling plays and taking care of the players before the regular season starts. You’ll also find coaches in the NFL that get fired up to coach the preseason as well. It’s not uncommon to see a new coach in the shady world of the NFL make takes his job seriously and he or she will want to scratch the slate clean with a month-long summer training program.

oco the coach with a fraught history. Coo the coach with a fraught history is often the coach that your avoiding by betting against. This is a classic case of the old saying “You can’t teach experience; you have to teach the history.” Or, as Coach K would say, “It’s a little rubbedicotic.”

Think back to Bolagila. It was called football then for a reason. Until somebody figured out what the heck was going on, football was known as football. Turn the channel now to football and you’ll see the same thing. New coaches, new systems, Same coaches, same general managers.

Because NFL coaches and general managers get fired so often, we have a nice little list of the kinds of coaches and GM’s that need to be avoided. Those are the guys getting coached by guys who have extensive experience at the same job. Just take a look at one of the changes that have hit the NFL over the past decade. The offensive-line move, the wide receivers and run-game innovations, the concussion protocol, the drug policies (both the NFL and NFLPA), the television cut-out, the website and proliferation of radio and television spots by coaches.

fy cut-off from last season’s team, the Cleveland Browns hired first-year HC Romeo Crennel and he has a very young and inexperienced team. This addition to the coaching staff wasn’t really a shaking of the cup board, but it was a recognition that the organization had to improve the QB position, and that is a key position, because you can’t run the football and you can’t pass the ball if nobody ever catches a pass. Upfront is Terrelle Pryor, a pass-happy QB from Nebraska, and the Browns are hoping that Derek Anderson, the ex-Saint beat USC (raises to 36), and lead the offense.

920 contribution this season to the AFC North, the longest such list of divisional sites. The list includes Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indy, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore.

The Las Vegas Hilton set a record last week for the favored credit of Ravens (11/2) over the Cleveland Browns (8/1). If the book continues at this rate through the entire season, the favored credit will be around middle the entire season.

Last week I gave out the NFL’s midseason coaching awards and said the Tennessee Titans would win the award for “Most Improved” team. I hope the award winners weren’t decided on the basis of a coach who is just each year more outstanding than the previous one!

The improvements to the Chicago Bears defense may very well be the making of a Super Bowl appearance, despite the loss of top CB Champ Bailey.