We have written several articles regarding the cheats and cheats methods available on the internet for playing online poker, including how to defeat opponents using tracking and HUDs ( Heads-up Indicators). I have even written an eBook that is available that deals with all of these methods. Do you upgrade your computer or are you going to stick with the older methods? We will discuss an upgrade in this article.

Upgrade systems

Lately, we have seen a huge number of guides detailing how to go about cracking poker bonuses, including how to use bonus codes. Well, at least they are coming out now. However, cracking poker bonuses and using bonus codes are not the only method available on the net. Let’s deal with the good and the bad.

Let’s start with the bad. Free money from afapoker rooms is not exactly what it seems. First, you have to understand that no matter how many bonus codes you use, you will not be able to withdraw the money unless you meet their requirements. Most poker rooms require you to play a certain number of raked hands, or tournaments, before you can unlock the bonus. Even if you win enough in the open market, you may not be able to unlock the bonus in time to get the money out.

On the other hand, you may find that the poker rooms are willing to shorten the wait time in exchange for a small deposit. Therefore, if you find a way to unlock your bonus and make a small deposit, it may take a while to see the money come out, but you will be able to play with it if you choose so.

Downs and optimization

In poker, there are both winners and losers. Most players on the internet seem to have a lot more losers than winners, and that is because most play the game the wrong way. Most players try to win every hand they play, and as a result they play very many starting hands. If you do not win nearly 50% of your hands, you can fold at any time.

In addition, most players are not patient enough to wait for premium hands to win. They impatiently click away when they see a nice raise from a superior hand such as A-K or something like that. They click away even when they have an decent hand, and they click away when they have a hand that may be good enough to bet on but they know that the other players at the table are playing weak tight.

The good players understand that ability is important, but patience and luck are even more important in this game. As long as you understand the difference between good hands and bad hands, you will be able to play good hands in good situations and play bad hands in bad situations.

Starting hands such as A-A, K-K, Q-Q, and alike, are very powerful hands that should rarely be played without a solid hand behind them. These hands are best played in position. If you try to limp in with them and your suit is not strong enough to support the limp, you will get beat by a larger bet, and your poor hand will have zero value.

In fact, you should rarely play any hand above an A-A unless your hand is a sure winner, at least in the scenario that you have the right position and the right odds.

All of the hands mentioned above should be played with the utmost care if you are in early position. Be leery of your position when holding these hands.

Why? Because you will lose a lot of money if you try to limp in and get called by the button or one of the blinds. Instead of playing them slowly, play them aggressively. Raise them, re-raise them, and box them in. Then you will be the one on the button with your A-A and your K-K and not the other way around.


My suggestion is to use these hands with caution in early position. You will be able to see a flop with these hands and not know what to do. We want to take small pots Apart so we are in position to take away the pot if someone unluckily calls you. But, we want to add a few horses to the stable and steal some blinds. Use these hands to build a small stack and then to survive the later blinds and antes. When you have fewer than 4BBs, you want to be in position to attempt a steal. When you are in position, you can call small raises and it will still give you some control. When you are small blind, you want to control the game by forcing the small blind to fold, or at least giving him less of an advantage by having a bigger stack.

Why? Because the bigger the stack, the better your chances of winning, especially if you have the right position.