All-In or Fold is undoubtedly the most interesting and popular betting option available in the game of Texas Holdem. But how many really know how to use it properly? Some might have thought that All-In is simply a bet where you guess your opponent’s hand and if it is the best hand you have at that moment in time you win the money. That is the simplest interpretation but it is not really accurate. There are many other options to betting, like making a raise or re-raising the bet, or going all-in with just a single hand if you feel you have the best hand.

The trick with betting is to manipulate your opponents into thinking you have the best hand and therefore increase the amount of money you make in the process.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On All-In

The trick to using All-In properly is to make your opponents think that you have the best hand so they can get confused. You don’t necessarily have the best hand by yourself but you can make your opponents think you do. By doing this you make your opponents play against their feelings and as a result lose a lot of money.

The best time to use All-in is when you have a good starting hand and in the event it gets exposed as a low hand during the flop, turn and river, you will have a lot of value for your hand and the amount of money you make with it will be relatively small. Basic types of hands that you will consider using All-in for:

  1. Pocket pairs, especially low pairs
  2. Pocket cards and more recently premium hands
  3. Hands that need to be played aggressively or more aggressively than normal, e.g. suited connectors, small pairs, stronger pairs, etc
  4. Non-pair hands, especially high cards that don’t necessarily connect by themselves
  5. Hands where you are likely to have few opponents
  6. Hands where you need a good read on your opponent

You really want to use All-in against a smaller stack. Once you make your all-in move they will be forced to act. If your opponent is a short stack then they are more likely to call as they don’t want to risk elimination.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On All-In #2

You can use All-in against players of all types. You will not lose as much money to a +200 player as you would to a +300 player. The smaller stacks are harder to beat so if you can use All-in against players of all types it will make your life easier.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On All-In #3

Use All-in against players who have much weaker hands but are marginally ahead or slightly behind depending on your own hand. Say Mizrachi has 5h-6h and you have 7s-8s. You can call with 6s-7s or more, it doesn’t matter much what your opponents cards are.

If your Q is stronger players are more likely to fold. Don’t bother trying to make a +20 steal either. You will just end up losing too much if they call you.

Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Tips On All-In #4

If you can’t win with the hand you’re holding then don’t play out of position after a raise. Most of the time you will find a better spot. If you are a chip leader in the tournament and you have a short stack then you’ll want go all-in on the button or near the button if no one has raised. You will still likely be up fairly soon.

Now that you know these advanced Texas Holdem Naga303 tips on all-ins you can easily win the next tournament you play. You can’t win if you don’t play the correct cards!