Lazyleopardthai – Ever wondered why Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, and various other big named poker sites don’t bring those awful US poker players along with their husbands, fathers, and children? Well, the reason is simple. They can’t!

They can’t bring those US poker players because the US has laws on the subject. But what about the other countries? Why not bring those US players who reside in such countries as Argentina, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom? You would think that they would, wouldn’t you?

However, the majority of online poker rooms don’t care one way or the other about players from the US. It’s business, after all, and they know that most US poker players wouldn’t want to participate in that type of gambling business. However, it’s not that simple. Many poker players are eager to break free from the daily grind and quit their day jobs, secure that they will now be able to play poker at night from the comfort of their own home. However, poker is business and must be profitable to survive.

Most of those players are US citizens or green card holders and many aren’t going to be as easily attracted to the game of poker as something they have to earn. They want recognition for their hard work and deserve to be paid for their efforts. recognition that they are talented and industry leaders in the field.

What About Casinos in Countries Where Online Poker is Legal?

Now, for the handful of poker players that still enjoy going to casinos to play poker, live in countries that have legalized gambling, and want to bring that form of fun into their homes. Many of those casinos are located in exotic places, often having to compete with whom else in the world the US has legalized gambling, probably.

However, the trend is shifting. US citizens began complaining about their rejected gambling trips to foreign countries. And, European countries are relaxing their stance on live poker during the night. Both Italy and France, for example, allow their poker clubs to operate 24 hours a day.

The one country that has rebuffed pressure from the US is India. In fact, Indian officials have gone so far as to say that they welcome US citizens to visit and play poker online. Perhaps, US players will be the ones tired of going through airports each time to tell their travelling friends that they can’t take that casino altogether.

Perhaps, the big casinos in places like Las Vegas will have to find some other locations to compete with each other. Surely, a location with legalized gambling will attract all kinds of people, including those that the US won’t. While gambling in a legal setting can be fun, the fact remains that many people gamble for the thrill of the game. Perhaps, US players won’t have to head to Pretoria to find their bitching out.

Perhaps, online remipoker sites will have to find countries that allow their citizens to play in the computerhen houses of other countries. The beauty of this idea is that the US won’t raise any issues regarding this. In fact, there are already US poker sites sending US players to the countries that don’t have the licenses or regulation due to which they can’t wager money.

One issue that the US is bringing up, more of a misunderstanding on the part of intending visitors, is when citizens of the countries that are party to the agreements are allowed to play online poker. Many online poker sites are vague on this issue. Some people think that US players are not allowed, while others misunderstand the terms of service (TToS), claiming that US players are welcome but, numberless other players from around the world are not. In actual fact, these sites treat all US players as one in a family, Hence, in case you are suffered of an error of entering your password, originating from a incorrect date, you might think the worst.

The legal situation of online poker is currently somewhat vague, supporters of poker freedom claiming that the interception of personal data is at the root of the issue. If you are a client of one of the online poker sites and you think that they are not fair in their dealings with their clients, you can access the relevant loophole in the legal situation of poker in the country where you live and make your complaint to the Compliance Sections of the government.

The recent rumours involving the exposure of the Play Poker software’s secret setting of pots are not true. The exposure was caused by a leak of confidential information from an unauthorized third party.

The leaks were discovered by a person who was looking for a way to expose the behavior of online poker sites which he felt had been undeserving of trust. This concept wasttesica knowledge of the poker landscape and the behaviour of online poker in general.